Argillite Hummingbird Pendant

This pendant is hand carved by Haida artist, Calvin Bell.  The argillite is carved with the likeness of the Hummingbird and finished with a piece of abalone set in the eye.

The pendant measures at approximately 2″ x 0.87″ (5.2cm x 2.2cm)

Chain not included but available upon request.

Calvin Bell was born in the Haida Village of Old Masset in the Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia.

He is a member of the Raven clan of the Haida Nation: The full crest bearing the Raven, a two fin Killer Whale, the Grizzly Bear, the Wolf and a Berry Picker in the Moon.

-Calvin has been carving for over 30 years.  He is a descendant of Charles Edenshaw and Isabella Edenshaw.

His current work in Argillite shows a balance in the natural beauty of the stone.  He creates contrast between light and dark tones and often will set Abalone into his pieces.

*Argillite is a black or grey carbonaceous shale stone found at Slatechuck Creek in Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands, BC).  It is a protected stone, with the Haida Nation being the only people able to collect, and work with it.  Argillite is a relatively soft stone and must be carved in water.  While it is hard to find large pieces of Argillite in the river the stone is not in apparent danger of being exhausted and will continue to be carved for years to come.

The Haida people are renowned for their beautiful “black slate” or Argillite carvings.  They began carving Argillite in response to the early curio trade of the 1820’s.

Apart from small totem poles, the primary objects carved are jewellery, plates, pipes and sculptured figures.

Calvin’s work in available in both of our stores and online.  If you would like a custom piece made please contact us for more information.

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