¾” Gold Hummingbird Bracelet

  • Artist: First Nations Canadian, Joe Jack

  • Legend: Hummingbird

  • Material: Gold

  • Type: Bracelets

  • Location: Victoria

  • Stock: In Store

  • SKU#: 150098

  • CAN Price: C$8,200.00

  • USD Price: $6,335.32

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This ¾” Gold Hummingbird Bracelet is hand carved by Coast Salish artist, Joe Jack.  Joe has carved this spectacular depiction of the Hummingbird in 14k yellow gold with a large rounded bead of gold to emphasize the eye.

The bracelet is ¾” (1.9cm) in width and will comfortably fit a 6.25″-6.5″ (15.9-16.5cm) wrist.

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