Loyalty, Family, Teacher, Ritual Agility

The Wolf symbolizes perseverance, intuition, loyalty and success.

The teacher of new ideas and wisdom, the Wolf shows intense loyalty with a balance of independence. The Wolf crest (Tsimshian) is a result of an ancestor who visited the houses of the wolves where he was taught certain songs and dances. Upon returning home, he discovered that he had been away for four years, although he thought it had only been four days. He found that he was possessed by the spirits of the Wolves. Of all the animals, Wolves has the strongest supernatural powers. They are proficient hunters and are greatly respected for their cleverness. Since Wolves might bestow this hunting prowess upon people, they are often called upon as spirit helpers.

Wolves mate for life and are the symbol of togetherness and communication.  If direction and purpose are lacking in life when clarity and persistence are needed, the steadfast determination of the Wolf can overcome fear, indecision and confusion.

Art Credit – Unknown