Hollie Bartlett

Hollie Bartlett

Hollie Bartlett was born in Terrace, British Columbia, Canada in 1963. She is a member of the Haisla Nation. The Killer Whale, revered for its strength and skill as a hunter, is her family crest.

Hollie's initial interest in art began at an early age.  Hollie moved to Vancouver, British Columbia in 1985 and worked as a photographer for the First Nations newspaper, Kahtou. Hollie continued to define her unique vision not only through the medium of photography, but later in the graphic arts and currently through her jewelry.

In 1998, Hollie began her four year apprenticeship with master carver, Corrine Hunt. Corrine was instrumental in introducing her to the Kwakuitl art of engraving. Hollie has since apprenticed with Michael Reynolds, a renowned goldsmith. This inspiration and artful instruction has resulted in a new approach with works combining silver and gold, stone setting, texture and inlay. Hollie's works exemplify traditional and the modern approaches.  She creates her art with the traditional style to produce a dynamic artwork all her own. Hollie's artwork tells the story without words through the flow of the design, spirituality of traditional carving, and impact of transforming raw precious metals into a unique finished product.

Hollie lives and works in Vancouver.

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