Corrine Hunt

Corrine Hunt

Corrine Hunt was born in Alert Bay on Cormorant Island near the North-eastern tip of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada in 1959. She has lived in the Vancouver area since 1975 where she graduated from high school in 1977. After graduating, Corrine continued her education at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver where she majored in Anthropology.

Norman Brotchie, a maternal uncle, piqued her interest with his beautiful hand carved jewellery and he was instrumental in introducing her to the Kwak-waka'wakw (formerly Kwakiutl) art history. Corrine has been working as a jeweller since 1985 when she became a Master Carver.

She has taught many young artists since then. In 2011 she was awarded the National Aboriginal Achievement Award.  She is a member of the Raven 'Gwa'wina' Clan from Ts'akis, a Kwakiutl village, on Vancouver Island. Her paternal grandmother, A'neesla'ga,' was a Tlingit noblewoman from Alaska. The Hunt family heritage has been doubly endowed with both the Kwak-waka'wakw and Tlingit traditions as evidenced in Corrine's exceptional native art creations. She resides in Vancouver.

Corrine was awarded the honour of designing the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Medals featuring her original west coast Aboriginal designs of the Orca and Raven.

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