Carey Newman

Carey Newman

Carey Newman is a Kwak-waka'wakw artist born on February 15th 1975. Under the influence and support of his father and mother Carey developed his artistic ability and cultural knowledge from an early age.

The Newman family including father Victor, mother Edith and sister Marion were named 2010 Ambassadors of the Arts by the Methchosin Summer School of the Arts.  Artistry is in his blood. His father Victor, his great, great grandfather Charlie James, and his great aunt Ellen Neel, are all renowned wood carvers. Being of British and Kwagiulth/Salish descent, Carey has been able to draw upon each of these cultures for his inspiration, and the mastering as many techniques and mediums as possible, is one of the keys to his continued success.

Wood, stone, gold, silver, gems, glass, and painting are mediums with which he works. A dedicated artist, Carey's goal is to follow the footpaths of his mentors: his father, for his belief in artistic integrity and self-respect, and Bill Reid, for his ability with many mediums.

"When I embark on a journey, I may not have a clear idea of where I am going, but . . . perhaps I do not need one. This is terrain where ancient tradition smothers the ember of modern idea. A woodland so dense with archaic ritual, that the rains of April, and the sunshine of May, are not allowed the opportunity to renew the undergrowth. I will plant my seedling, hoping perhaps someday it will grow into prominence among its forefathers." - CN*

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